About Us

In every situation, do what is right for the patient.

Our Past, Present and Future

Dr. John L. McDonald founded REACH Air Medical Services in 1987. Because of his passion for pediatric care, he recognized the need for emergency air ambulance transport Ultimately, REACH services expanded to include neonatal and adult transports as well. It was Dr. McDonald’s belief that if REACH followed the guiding principle to “always do what is right for the patient” the company would succeed, and it did. This success was due to the efforts of a strong, committed group of people who valued the autonomy they experienced, and more importantly, the ability to fulfill the mission.

At REACH, we are aware that nothing is more dependable than change. However, for a company to maintain integrity and stability, its foundation must stay intact. Our name has become synonymous with compassionate care and customer service that goes above and beyond. Our mission has been a constant since day one, as has our company culture—the beliefs, values and behaviors we accept and practice. Because of this firm foothold, our structure and form can safely adapt and evolve.

Today, as part of the Global Medical Response family of companies, REACH is larger in size, population and structure, and we have significantly greater resources. Our original definition of customer as “patient” has expanded to include a broad range of hospitals, as well as fire and EMS agencies. Among other things, these customers value attentiveness, timeliness, respect, courtesy, follow-up and a sense of partnership. Our crews have equally high standards and expectations including safety, professionalism, relationships, communication and job security.

As we move forward, we know that our customers and employees will become more informed and discriminating, and that their expectations will reflect this evolution. We are confident that our foundation will support us in meeting and exceeding these expectations, and we will continue to provide care to the world at a moment’s notice.