REACH Stories

Behind every one of the thousands of emergency medical transports we complete each year is a very personal—and often dramatic—story. Each of these stories involves a patient and their family, along with medical teams and behind-the-scenes professionals who played crucial roles in every case.

Our founder, Dr. John L. McDonald, left us with an abundance of valuable lessons, the most important of which guides us to this day: “Always do what is right for the patient.” There are thousands of patient stories that we could share. Of these, we selected a handful. We would like to thank these patients for graciously sharing their transport experiences with us. Some were reunited with the crews that flew them. To call these reunions emotional would be an understatement.

Good stories add meaning to our lives, our work and our communities. We hope that you enjoy, and share, the ones we’ve chosen. We are happy and proud to be a part of them.

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