Tony Urioste, Membership Sales Manager

REACH 17/50 (Sacramento/Rancho Cordova), REACH 7 (Marysville), & REACH 56 (Reno)


How would you summarize your job?

Although my official title is Membership Sales Manager, I tend to drop the “sales” part because I really manage relationships, not sales. If I were going to choose a title, I’d choose “Relationship Manager.” My personal mission is to love and lift, and I’m grateful I get to do that in my job with REACH.

What did you want to be when you grew up, and what are some highlights from the time between then and now?

I’m fortunate that my family takes great pride in providing civil service, and we have a strong work ethic that is driven by a desire to contribute. As well, having four very tough, strong brothers definitely shaped me. I have been fortunate to enjoy entrepreneurial as well as corporate careers, and feel that the common threads between them have been to connect with people and adhere to high standards.

Although I was born in Santa Cruz, California, I consider myself an Oregonian as my parents live in Oregon and I raised my own children there. When I applied for an open territory with REACH in Oregon, evidently my Cali side came out as I was pegged for open territories in California. So I bought a cool Class A, 30-foot motor home, and I take it into the communities where I work.

On the path that led to where you are today, what were your top three supportive and/or motivational influences? They can be people, institutions, life events, anything.

  1. My grandfather played a huge part in my upbringing, and he taught me so much. His integrity and high standards were things I both admired and aspired to uphold.
  2. My beautiful family. I used to remind my kids that before we all went out into the world on our daily journeys, we were all representing each other. Anything I would do would reflect on them, good or bad, and the same for anything they did.
  3. The satisfaction of a job well done is as motivating as it gets; to know you’ve done your absolute best is rewarding in and of itself.

How do you feel about acknowledgment and appreciation, specifically in the workplace?

Appreciation naturally follows accountability. When people do their jobs well, are reliable and support others, acknowledgment comes next. I really believe that accountability is fueled by proven procedures and systems, which improve efficiency and structure, and that the people within a company benefit when everyone knows exactly what their role is and who is responsible for what.

What’s the most challenging thing about your job right now?

Probably that there are not enough hours in the day to do my job. There’s such a great need for what REACH provides, and I wish I could be in more places and talk to more people.

What do you appreciate most about your coworkers?

The membership team in Region 7 is tireless in their efforts to bring awareness of our program to our communities. They are consummate professionals and are committed to providing a revenue stream to aid our daily operations.

As for the operations team, they’re fearless and tireless, and there is such precision in what they do. They are constantly making sure that everything is correct; it’s beautiful to walk in to an airbase and see it. It is humbling and gratifying to hear so much gratitude from people in our communities for the work our operations team does every day.

What I truly love about REACH is the relaxed, yet extremely professional, culture. This company is made of smart people, good people. I am proud to be associated with this amazing team, and truly feel like I’m appreciated and allowed to be myself.

What do you consider your leading contribution to the REACH mission of “always do what is right for the patient”?

Understanding that what we do is truly life changing. I have had the opportunity to hear firsthand stories from people who are grateful for the care and protection our program provides to people and their families. Those stories resonate with me, and inspire me to connect with potential members who I know can benefit from what we provide.

Who’s in your family?

I’ve been blessed to raise three amazing children, Janelle, Michael, and CJ, who are now adults with their own happy lives.