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Employee Award Winners

We would like to acknowledge the 2014 award winners—and all our employees—for making REACH a place where we can all feel proud to work. REACH is recognized in our industry as a quality company that provides experienced, knowledgeable, dependable and caring service – to the patients we fly, to the hospitals we serve for patient transports, and to the EMS teams out in the field. Our well-earned reputation is because each of you contributes your part to make REACH what it is today. Thank you for all you do every day.

Here are the Big Five award winners:

Quality Award

Sean Rogoff

Operations Project Manager
Administration Office (Santa Rosa, CA)


Sean Rogoff, who has been with REACH for six years, describes his job like this: “I oversee multiple different levels of project planning, execution and completion for the company. I help to design and implement systems to make it easier and safer for the flight team to deliver the best patient care possible.” When people talk about him, you’ll hear things like “flawless”, “truly cares”, “works endlessly”, “extremely detailed” and…“highest quality”. Sean’s dedication and tenacity truly are appreciated. “I think it’s an honor to even be nominated among so many hard working individuals,” says Sean, “individuals who all strive to provide the best ‘quality’ in everything they do.”

Service Award

Chris Shrader

Program Manager
REACH 2 (Stockton, CA), REACH 3 (Concord, CA), Children’s 1 (Oakland, CA)


Chris Shrader views serving the line staff as his primary responsibility. “My job is to move the barriers so my teams can do their jobs,” he says, “and to give them the tools they need.” Chris, who at one time hoped to become a police officer, is more than pleased to have chosen the air ambulance industry. He particularly appreciates the autonomy, the opportunities to challenge himself and learning a higher level of thinking. “I have never seen REACH not uphold the mission statement,” he says. As winning the Service Award indicates, Chris possesses strong leadership skills. “My job is to be a servant leader. I’m a new Program Manager, so this award is an absolute honor.”

Efficiency Award

Chuck Milhollin

Program Manager, Pilot
REACH 14, Woman’s Air Care (Houston, TX)


Chuck Milhollin considers it a privilege to both manage base operations and fly the line. As a manager, his primary goal is to help each person find their skill set and put them in a position where they can be successful, happy and require minimal oversight. Chuck also enjoys being part of the REACH/Woman’s AirCare collaboration. “Our hybrid team is special because we live and work and eat under one roof. We’re lucky to get these two entities and all these personalities to work together. We’re happy, we can laugh about things and we’re successful at it.” Regarding winning the Efficiency Award, Chuck says he didn’t see it coming. “I’m flattered that those I work with would take the time out to share their thoughts about what I do. Really, they’re the ones that deserve the recognition.”

Safety Award

Jason Dykstra

Helicopter Pilot
REACH 3 (Concord, CA)


Jason Dykstra wanted to be a storm chaser. While studying meteorology in college, he took helicopter lessons for fun. Fast forward to achieving his revised career goal: to work for REACH. “The company, the culture, they’re phenomenal,” he says. And Jason fits right in. As REACH 3’s Safety Rep, his many contributions include starting a monthly safety newsletter and conducting seminars and presentations. “My main goal is to raise awareness and get the message out there about accidents and incidents so that we can avoid future occurrences,” he says. Jason was grateful to win this award. “It validates that maybe my message is getting out there and making a difference in the industry.”

Dr. McDonald Patient Advocacy Award

David Frampton

Flight Nurse, Medical Crew Lead
REACH 11 / REACH 52 (Thermal, CA)


“I’ve always had this idea that your career should mean something to people, that it should say who you are,” says David Frampton. At 28, David witnessed a basketball player fall and experience sudden death, and he performed CPR until the fire department arrived. “He died, and I just felt like that experience had to mean something to me, that I needed to do something that wasn’t self-serving.” David loves the depth and breadth of critical knowledge required in the air ambulance industry, and with his education and training, he brings a wealth of clinical expertise and critical care knowledge to his work. “Winning this award is a huge honor,” David says. “I was completely surprised and touched.”

We Care Award


This is a new award given each month to a single employee within the company who exemplifies “We Care”.

Brian Asai

HRIS Administrator, HR Department – Santa Rosa, CA – June 2014 Winner

Brian received this award for all his service to our employees on a daily basis as well has his expanded role of supporting AMGH HR and payroll. He took on the global administration and implementation of our Application Tracking System as well as the administrative development role for all of AMGH electronic onboarding through Workday. This is all above and beyond his job scope. Brian has become someone all companies now rely on for support. Additionally, he assisted finance in the development of a payroll report through Workday that no one else in the entire AMGH organization could prepare.

Jeff Cress

Regional Clinical Manager, REACH 12 – Methodist AirCare 1 – San Antonio, TX – July 2014 Winner

Jeff Cress received this award for his outstanding customer service to our employees. Jeff owns customers in Texas, he developed the CQI process, and also covers shifts in Texas to help keep ships in service. Of course, he does all this while keeping up with BD duties and doing CQI processes. Jeff also has great relationships in Oregon. He fills in for Academy whenever needed. His work ethic is above and beyond, he brings project from conception to fruition, and Jeff has taken on a lot from a leadership standpoint.

Amber Ferl

Communication Specialist II, Flight Guard – Administration – Santa Rosa, CA – August 2014 Winner

Amber is a very motivated self-starter. She is always willing to take on any project or challenge and follow through to completion with little supervision. She maintains very high standards when it comes to her customers and work ethic. Amber has assisted the Training Team with the implementation and rollout of the new training program running with the idea of creating classes for all training modules. Amber has helped the Training Team create these classes and volunteered to teach all classes to save REACH $11,800 per new hire. I am proud to have Amber as a member of our team and honored to have her receive the We Care Award.

Above & Beyond Awards

These awards are given to employees nominated by their teammates for going … Above & Beyond.

  • Kyla Betts, Flight Nurse, REACH 1 – Santa Rosa, CA
  • Matthew Higginbotham, Lead RW Pilot, REACH 2 – Stockton, CA
  • Melinda Trost, Flight Paramedic, REACH 3 – Concord, CA
  • Terri Douglas, Flight Nurse, REACH 5 – Redding, CA
  • Cindy Scruggs, Flight Nurse, REACH 6 – Lakeport, CA
  • Doug Stephan, RW Pilot, REACH 7 – Marysville, CA
  • Justin Fink, Flight Nurse, REACH 8 – Corvallis, OR
  • Brandon Walls, Program Manager, REACH 9 & REACH 11/52 – Imperial & Thermal, CA
  • David Frampton, Flight Nurse, REACH 11 – Thermal, CA
  • Stewart Solbrig, Aircraft Maintenance Technician II, REACH 12 – Methodist AirCare 1 – San Antonio, TX
  • Christian J. O’Neil, RW Pilot, REACH 13 – Upland, CA
  • Chuck Milhollin, Program Manager & Lead Pilot, REACH 14 – Woman’s Air Care – Houston, TX
  • John Eskridge, Lead RW Pilot, REACH 15 – Methodist AirCare 2 – Pearsall, TX
  • Martin Schubert, Lead RW Pilot, REACH 16 – Oceanside, CA
  • Scott Roemer, Assistant Chief Pilot, REACH 50 – Sacramento, CA
  • Andrew Mowery, Aircraft Maintenance Technician III, REACH Hangar – Santa Rosa, CA
  • Kathy Culver, Maintenance Operations Specialist, REACH Hangar – Santa Rosa, CA
  • Karen Hancock, Communication Specialist, Communications Center – Santa Rosa, CA
  • Gary Matthews, HR Manager, Administration – Santa Rosa, CA

Flight Awards

These awards are given to team members who have flown a minimum of 500 flights. (One flight = one dispatch for a patient transport where there was flight time logged and patient contact was made.)

3000 Flights – there is only one:

  • Ken Suzuki

2500 Flights

  • Terry Gowen
  • Cindy Scruggs
  • Brian Warner

2000 Flights

  • Terri Douglas
  • Jon Kowalski
  • John Mitchell
  • Jon Slane
  • Suzie Smith
  • Patt Wyckoff

1500 Flights

  • Debbie Biederwolf
  • Alan Sisson

1000 Flights

  • Jeff Barker
  • Michelle Cole
  • Randy Ogata
  • Pete Ortiz
  • Tay Voye
  • Melinda Waters
  • Pat Williams
  • Dan Workman

500 Flights  

  • Jesse Arnold
  • Chris Askew
  • Bryan Bowen
  • Steve Brock
  • Jennifer Cochran
  • Terri DeBruler
  • Brandon Driskill
  • Rick Feldman
  • Robert Goodfellow
  • Chandra Hall
  • Lynette Hemphill
  • Dave Hill
  • Laryn Hoytt
  • Mike Ingels
  • George Jacobs
  • Michael Ketcherside
  • Greg Lattimore
  • Rebecca Leach
  • Mike Murphy
  • Kenny Nealy
  • Mario Palmieri
  • Todd Pelletier
  • John Roberg
  • Nick Rokke
  • Luis Sanchez
  • Jessica Schroder
  • Chris Shrader
  • Bill Soeth
  • Melanie Standon
  • Doug Stephan