Nicole Vice

Membership Sales Manager

What is your title and region?

I’m a Membership Sales Manager. I was hired by AMGH in April of 2013, and I work with REACH 1, REACH 6 and REACH 3—Santa Rosa, Lakeport and Concord.

Can you describe your current job for me in one sentence? Or maybe two or three?

I manage the REACH for Life membership program for those areas. I help spread the word. I market it through events, businesses, any way I can. I go out in those areas to educate people and hopefully get them signed up. I have a wonderful independent rep in Lake County. She has really been a duplication of me. She’s got connections in the fire department, and it’s just been really, really awesome to have her up there. It’s difficult to find someone you can really trust to go out there and represent the company and who’s also going to produce.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? What was the path from there to where you are now?

Honestly, when I was a kid I wanted to be a mom. It was what I always dreamed of because I loved watching my mom raise us. Then I got to college, and of course it changed. I come from a family where college wasn’t really encouraged—or discouraged. When I was about 17, I made the decision that I wanted an education even though I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I went to Sac State and found that I had a huge passion for criminal justice, so that’s what I got my degree in. I was fascinated by all the pieces that comprise the criminal justice system. I thought maybe I’d be a parole officer or go into corrections or probation. After college, I worked for an insurance company doing accident investigation and…I became a mom!

In 2003, I got an opportunity with a direct sales company. That was where the real me came out. That’s where I realized that I am my father’s daughter; he was in sales. When the economy turned, I went to work full time at a recruiting firm. It’s kind of a funny twist, the way I learned about the job I have now. Dr. McDonald’s daughter, Linda, is one of my dearest friends, so I’ve known about REACH for a long time and have experienced all that it does through her. When the acquisition happened she said, ‘You know Nicole, AMGH is opening up a sales position for REACH for Life. I think you would be so good at it!’ Before I was hired, I asked for names and numbers of people who were doing the same job in other parts of the country. I called every name on the list, and through those phone calls I learned that it was a great company and a fabulous job that allowed you to have a family, make a good income and succeed. Being able to work in this community for REACH and for what Dr. McDonald stood for is really, really special.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Connecting with a company or a business, nurturing that relationship, presenting the benefits of membership and getting them signed up. That is my sort of sweet spot—working with businesses and being out in the community. I enjoy making connections with people and hearing them say, “Yes, I want this!”

When I have my REACH shirt on, people come up to me and say, “Thank you for saving my life!” Or, “Thank you for saving my dad’s life!” People stop me in the grocery store to tell me how much they love REACH. That’s rewarding.

How do you work with the REACH Program Managers?

I’m with AMGH. I always strive to get dispel any perception of a division between the companies. Sometimes there’s a little bit of that, but we’re all coming together, it’s gelling. I represent AMGH and I represent REACH. Working together, as one team, makes this successful for everyone.

You know, I’m very adamant about having REACH stuff with me. I’ll co-brand, but I’m not going to change the company—people love REACH. I think it’s so valuable that we have this bigger network now that covers people in 28 states. I definitely share that information with everybody, but REACH gets me in the door. When I have a REACH shirt or a REACH business card, I never get turned away. People say, “Oh, you’re the helicopter people, you save lives.”

Do you have a surprising personal factoid to share?

I’m now a huge baseball fan. I’ve been married for 20 years, and my husband has been a fanatic since the day I met him. I love the Giants. And it turns out that my son, from the minute he could walk, loved baseball. Through him, I have really learned to love the game. There are so many great lessons with baseball.

I love country music, too. I’m a huge Keith Urban fan, from way before he was on American Idol.

Nicole’s family:

  • Husband: Ryan
  • Son: Caleb (14)
  • Daughter: Peyton (11)
  • Dog: Dolly (a poodle)

Any final words?

I really want to get people in Sonoma County to understand why membership is so great and to realize that they might need it. A lot of people think that the big red helicopter is cool but they don’t think it will ever be for them, or that their child could end up at Memorial and then be on a helicopter to Oakland Children’s Hospital. Lake County has been good for my confidence. It’s a more remote area, and there’s a lot of membership support.