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Human Resources & Staff Updates

Human Resources & Staff Updates

Gary Matthews

Human Resources Manager
REACH Administration – Santa Rosa, CA

How long have you been with REACH?

I’ve been with REACH since March of 2013. It’s gone by incredibly fast, but that kind of matches the pace here.

Can you describe your current job in a few sentences?

To support the most valuable resource of the company—our people.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I was an athlete. Well, I like to think I was. I wanted to be a professional baseball player. That was one of the first things I wanted to be. Then I realized you have to work kind of hard at it. But it wasn’t meant to be. When I went to college, I wanted to be an architect. I got accepted at Cal Poly. They told me it was going to take six years, and I quickly changed my focus to accounting. I transferred to Sacramento State and concentrated on Business Finance. I was an insurance claims adjuster for a while and didn’t really like that. I moved into more of a marketing position with the same company. Later on, they had a management position available that was both administrative and HR. I applied and ended up getting it. It wasn’t long before I realized HR was the right thing for me.

One of the aspects of the marketing position I had really enjoyed was influencing people to go in directions that worked out for them; that was great. When I got into HR, I figured out there were some similarities. The main difference between HR and marketing is that in HR, I’m supporting the people piece of the company, being an advocate for the organization. I like to help people take complex situations, break them down and hopefully help them find solutions. In HR, you support leadership and you support the employees. I enjoy the coaching aspect a lot. Getting to coach managers is a really fun part of my job. The leadership here is great.

What’s your favorite thing about your job so far?

The coaching element really is my favorite thing. At this organization, the leadership group has been welcoming of me since the very beginning. They’ve invited me into the business; they’ve never been resistant. I’ve been in HR for about 17 years now, and typically with leadership, well…with some you have to fight and scratch and claw your way in. At REACH, I’ve never felt that.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

There isn’t anything huge. I would like to always make sure that when an issue arises, it gets brought to my attention as quickly as possible. Being included early on helps me do my job better. But I don’t find that problem here very often.

Also, I feel like I don’t have enough of a connection with a lot of the employees out there because they work in remote bases. In a perfect world, I would have been to all the bases and I would have interacted with everybody, but I haven’t been able to do that.

So often there’s a stigma that goes along with being in HR. That’s an element that I really don’t care for. Early in my career, trying to overcome that was tough. Thankfully, here at REACH people joke and laugh about it.

Do you have a surprising personal factoid to share?

Maybe that I grew up in South Lake Tahoe. My dad quit his job and decided to build a motel there. He built the whole thing by himself. My parents owned and operated the motel until I was seven or eight years old.

Gary’s family:

  • Wife: Karen
  • Sons: Will (13) and Trent (11)
  • Dog: Gibson (a Maltese/Shitzu mix)

Can you talk about REACH and why you work for REACH?

First of all, I love our mission statement, doing what’s right for the patient. Everybody’s probably going to tell you that, but who wouldn’t want to work for an organization that does what REACH does for people? There’s great leadership and great employees. The servant leader thing is completely true here. Sean is so easy to talk to. He’s somebody who will sit in front of employees and basically say, “What can we be doing better?” It’s awesome. REACH employees are completely dedicated to their jobs. They bring passion to the cause.

Any final words?

I’m just thankful to be here. It’s the right job for me at the right time in my life.

Staff Updates & New Hires

 (April 15 – August 15, 2014)

Kim Adams

Northern California Clinical Manager

It is with great excitement that Kathie Dunn, Director of Clinical Services, announces the return of Kim Adams, RN to the REACH family. Kim has vast experience in transport medicine as a flight nurse, manager and educator. Her past critical care experience with adults, pediatric and neonatal patients positions her well for her return as the Northern California Clinical Manager of R1, R3, R6, R7, and R50.

Dan Anthony

Nor-Cal Regional Maintenance Manager

Dano, as he most commonly goes by, has a long history with EMS helicopters with over 32 years’ experience in the helicopter maintenance field and in the management of field maintenance projects. He has been with the company since REACH 5 started in 2000. Dano is very excited about starting his new role which includes REACH 8 in Oregon. Andy Danovaro, Director of Maintenance notes: “I know that Dan will be a great contributor to our Maintenance team with his experience in various fields of helicopter maintenance and the knowledge of our maintenance department procedures and policies. He has all our support and trust for success in his new role.”

Caroline Callaway

Human Resources Assistant

Caroline joins REACH as HR assistant. Her role includes new hire compliance, system administration, service delivery to our associates and numerous other HR support responsibilities. Caroline brings solid experience in managing teams, logistics and project management. She is adept at solving problems and juggling multiple constantly shifting priorities. Caroline has a Bachelors in Business Administration, Management.

Lonnie Dardeen

Program Manager
REACH 5 – Redding, CA & REACH 7 – Marysville, CA

Chris Giller, Regional Director of Service Delivery announced the appointment of Lonnie Dardeen to the organization as the Program Manager for R5/R7. Lonnie comes to us from our sister company AEL in Indiana where he functioned as the Program Director in the Evansville area. He has functioned in that role since 2008 and is very well respected within the organization and the region. He has a significant amount of clinical experience as a flight and ground paramedic since 1992.

Kathie Dunn

Director of Clinical Services

Kathie Dunn has been promoted to Director of Clinical Services for REACH and Cal-Ore. Kathie has been a nurse for 26 years with 18 of those involved in the flight medicine arena. Early in her career Kathie held critical care positions in the NICU, PICU, Adult Burns/Trauma ICU and CCU. In the mid 1990’s, Kathie started her career in critical care transport. She obtained her EMT status, as well as CCRN, CEN and CFRN, during her tenure at Boston Medflight and Boston Children’s Hospital. Kathie started with REACH in 2008 as a flight nurse in Northern California. Since that time, she has earned her MSN in Leadership and Management and became the Neonatal/Pediatric Clinical Manager for REACH and Cal-Ore.

Chris Giller

Regional Director of Service Delivery

Eric Freed, VP of Program Operations, is pleased to welcome Chris in his new position. Chris has an extensive background in executive leadership with organizations such as PHI Air Medical Group, CALSTAR, McDonnell Douglas Helicopters, and Dartmouth Hitchcock. He has worked in the EMS field for more than 35 years as an EMT, Paramedic, Firefighter, and Flight Medic. In addition to holding specialty certifications as a CCP-C and FP-C, Mr. Giller has earned both a BA and MBA.

Glenn McIntyre

Business Relations Manager – Northern California

Glenn will be serving the Northern California Region to assist in identifying our customers’ current state, identify room for improvement, and firmly establish our footprint. Glenn is a talented and accomplished executive with a background in business and operational development. His experience related to process improvement, strategic planning and business analytics coupled with his passion for community and purpose will undoubtedly add to our team and the affect we have on our patients and customers. Glenn lives in Fairfield, is an active Rotarian, very involved in his community and comes with a strong sense of “the REACH culture”.

New Hires