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A View From the Crew

My job really is to educate the community about REACH Air Medical Services and AMGH—who we are, what we do, and what our presence means in the communities we serve. I also want to make sure the communities I serve know there’s more than one program in their area, and to encourage them to enroll in all available programs. We’re all a team at REACH, so I make sure the crew members have the membership info they need and that they know what’s happening with membership in the community. The crew are my ears and eyes. The majority of the crew at REACH 5 started together when we were Rockie, then AirMedTeam and now REACH. These are folks that have grown up in this community, and know this terrain. I’m very, very fortunate. This crew is very pro membership. Not only do they do their ‘day jobs’, they do a lot of humanitarian and volunteer work—like going to missionary orphanages, helping with cleft palate surgeries in the jungle, that kind of work.” I am very fortunate to have two leaders who support me every day, Dan Brattain and David Brown.

Jennifer Hart

Name, Title & Location

  • Jennifer Hart
  • Membership Sales Manager, REACH for Life (and Cal-Ore Life Flight), Redding and from Southern Humboldt County to Southern Oregon
  • REACH 5 and Cal-Ore Life Flight

As a child, Jennifer wanted to be…

I wanted to be an air hostess (stewardess) because I love to travel.  Travel was in my nature, and I saw being an air hostess as the gateway for me. In those days, there were some really strict guidelines. You had to be a certain height and weight. You had to pass an interview with a panel in both English and Afrikaans. You had to write an impromptu essay and my topic was about females in the military. It was grueling. I was so upset that I didn’t make it. I failed on a general knowledge question: Where are the Wagga Wagga Waterfalls? (New Zealand) I was 21.

How did Jennifer get here from there?

My career in South Africa was working for the largest shipping company, Safmarine.  I also worked other jobs to allow me to travel as often as possible. Prior to leaving South Africa I travelled the South African Coast, Europe and to the Far East.  Following a trip to Mauritius, an island off South Africa, I decided to sell everything, get a one-way ticket, and ‘get as much traveling as possible out of my system.’

I left South Africa on Friday May 13, 1994. I was 33 years old. I had my backpack, and off I went. I first travelled to Greece, Scotland and England. I would love to go back to Santorini. I love Greece.

From there, I went on a Trek America trip and spent my last month volunteering at a hostel in L.A – Banana Bungalow. The hostel manager ended up being a neighbor of mine from South Africa who had gone to high school with my siblings. The hostel was having trouble managing their restaurant, and they asked me to run it for them. Because I was not legal to work in the US they agreed to sponsor me for two years. I went to a nightclub near the end of those two years and met an American guy, who had just returned from travelling Europe after finishing college; he went on to become a Physical Therapist and works at Shasta Regional Medical Center.  We have been happily married for 17 years.

After leaving Los Angeles we moved to Anderson, California. After that, I started working for Air Med Team, now REACH. When Shasta Regional Medical Center cut the Air Med Team program, REACH management stepped in and took over. Jim Adams, the CEO approached me to head up a membership program and coached me in membership services. That was nearly eight years ago. I ran that program for five years, and then my position was dissolved in Redding. That was the saddest day for me because I really enjoyed my job and the REACH for Life Membership program. I understood, though, that things were starting to change, and I wanted the best for the company. But when the position that I have now became available, I was so excited, I can’t tell you! I was just over the moon. Once again my family at REACH 5 recommended me for my current position.

You’ve been with REACH a long time. How are things going now that you’re with AMGH?

AMGH has been very supportive. They have opened a lot of doors for me. The added benefit of being nationwide has been huge in membership sales. They go above and beyond in terms of answering questions and providing assistance.  I pride myself in customer service.

What does Jennifer like most about her job?

The best part of my job is being involved in Community events, and supporting our local Chamber of Commerce—I love interacting with the community and educating them about the benefit air ambulance membership and AMGH.  Nothing better than getting feedback from a satisfied REACH for Life Member.

What’s the most challenging part of  Jennifer’s job?

One of the most challenging things for me is finding independent representatives that provide consistent and accurate REACH for Life membership information to prospective members. Even though they’re not employees of AMGH, they’re an extension of the company, of me.  I work with my IR’s on a continuous basis to provide quality service.

Who does Jennifer live with?

  • Husband: Patrick (or Paddy)
  • Dogs: C.J (Cool Joe) and Casey. (They’re Lab/Shepherd cross brothers. I love my dogs. My dogs are my babies.)

Jennifer shares a surprising personal factoid

I’m a Master Gardener. I love to spend time in my garden and outdoors. I love springtime and watching all my hard work come to fruition. I’m going out in the mornings now and picking fresh asparagus! Life is good.

How does Jennifer feel about the company?

I really hold REACH in very high regard because of what we do. We are saving lives every day, and are committed  to the medical field.  The crew, the pilots, the mechanics—they are all highly skilled. I’m just very proud to represent a company that sets such high standards for itself. Everyone is very supportive. AMGH is one big family scattered across the United States. I don’t think there’s anyone who works for REACH who is not a part of the family and does not enjoy what they do. I know I do, and I look forward to the challenges and rewards every day.