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Human Resources & Staff Updates

A View From the Crew

Human Resources & Staff Updates
My job is to insure that the HR systems that we use—and we use three or four diverse systems—are functioning correctly. Within these systems, I build reports, which means everything from executive reporting to employee birthdays. I manage workflows in the system, create automation, and I work with AMGH to make sure all of our systems are integrated properly. One of the greatest things about this job is that the systems make sense. Things don’t just happen randomly.

Brian Asai

Name, Title & Location

  • Brian Asai
  • HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) Administrator
  • Administrative Offices, Santa Rosa, CA

As a child, Brian wanted to be…

I had always wanted to get into computer software.  My Dad was always into technology and programming – I guess some of it rubbed off onto me over the years. In college I found the harsh reality that programming beyond the basic level was just not something I enjoyed.

While the HRIS field has been around for a while, things have really been picking up with the advances in Cloud Computing and Software as a Service. With Workday, we’re all on the forefront of it. We are no longer tethered by a static database – things are much more dynamic.

How did Brian get here from there?

I started off as a computer science major in college, but I was getting more and more frustrated with the major. Finally about two semesters before I was to graduate, I had enough and made the hard decision to start again from scratch. At the time, I was in an HR class and it just made sense. Within the HR profession, you can specialize in different fields – recruiting, employee relations. I still had a passion for programming so I concentrated my work on Information Systems.

I got a job as an HR Rep at CrossCheck after I graduated. I was doing everything from payroll to recruiting to HRIS work. I started focusing a lot of my projects on the database. It was an area of opportunity for me. I worked there for about four years, and was recruited for Taleo, an HRIS company. I was working within the compensation department developing their comp system, optimizing and enhancing it. After about a year, Taleo was acquired by Oracle. Unfortunately, I was caught in the reorganization process and set to be laid off. It turned out to be a great thing! The commute to Taleo was a killer –an hour and a half each way. In my search, REACH’s name had popped up. REACH’s job description was exactly what I wanted to be doing. I’ve been here since July of 2012 and have loved working alongside some of the best people in the industry!

Brian on HR

When we merged, we lost the Payroll Department, so I actually ended up being the default contact person for payroll. I can’t say I’m the best payroll person in the world, but I like to think everyone gets paid J. Soon after the merge, I also picked up the Learning Management Software administration. Unfortunately I feel like these two areas have the most room for improvement. I feel they’re a bit neglected at the moment. There’s always something more that can be done.

My job keeps me busy and happy, because there’s always somewhere I can jump in, fix something. Along those lines, the next couple months are going to be even busier. We’re going to start doing conversion work on the time tracking and learning management systems.

What does Brian like most about his job?

I like being able to solve problems in the systems. It’s like a video game puzzle. You’re always constrained to certain “world rules” and need to come up with a creative solution to solve the problem.

I’d like the employees to know that the best is yet to come. The past six to eight months have been nothing but integration with AMGH systems – Workday, Applicant Tracking Systems, and Performance Management. Next up is optimization – this step usually provides the most benefit to employees (and managers!). That’s what makes the job exciting for me. At the end of the day I want to build a system that is fast, efficient and easy to use.  If I’m doing my job right, most of my work is done in the background. I like to take a back seat and be The Invisible Man.

What’s the most challenging part of Brian’s job?

There just aren’t enough hours in a day! Managing priorities can get tough, but it’s also very exciting!  I can’t tell you how often I hear about something that needs to be done “ASAP!”

Who does Brian live with?

  • Wife: Alycia
  • Cat: Twix

Brian shares a surprising personal factoid

I love baseball. I’m a Mariner’s fan, though, so not many people feel the same pain I do. To ease the pain I like to score games. I’m one of those nerds who bring scorebooks to the ballparks and record every pitch and hit.

How does Brian feel about the company?

I like REACH because the end result is that we’re actually helping people. Indirectly, I’m hopefully helping other people do what they need to do, whether it’s payroll issues or system issues. It’s definitely a different feel here than at other companies. Everyone is shockingly—okay maybe not shockingly—but extremely professional.


NEW HIRES (1/16/14 – 4/01/14)

Promotions & New Hires

Mark Cicali – Chief Pilot

Mark-Cicali-in-Flight-SuitVice President of Aviation Operations Vicky Spediacci has announced effective April 13, 2014, Mr. Mark Cicali will be Chief Pilot for REACH Air Medical Services. Mark has been with REACH since 2008 when Reach 9 began in Imperial County, CA. Since then he’s assisted in base start-ups, became a flight instructor and rose to Lead Pilot and Assistant Chief Pilot duties. Prior to this, he honorably served 20 years in the US Marine Corps as an officer and pilot. All of this represents a very high degree of professionalism and education that will contribute greatly to REACH’s organization.

Brian Fladhammer – General Manager, REACH 1 in Santa Rosa

Brian-Fladhammer-w-HeloRandy Lyman, Director of Service Delivery at REACH is happy to announce Brian Fladhammer has joined REACH as the General Manager for REACH 1 in Santa Rosa and REACH 6 in Lakeport, CA. Brian comes to REACH with a long history in EMS and HEMS. His past experience includes positions as Firefighter/Paramedic, Battalion Chief, Flight Paramedic and HEMS Program Director. He also has a great deal of experience and training in leadership. We are excited to have him and believe he will be a great leader for the R1/R6 staff.

Andy Danovaro – Director of Maintenance

Andy-DanovaroVice President of Aviation Operations Vicky Spediacci has announced that Andy Danovaro has been selected as the best candidate for the role of Director of Maintenance for REACH Air Medical Services. Andy has been a long term, extremely dedicated and passionate manager within REACH for many years. He brings the technical expertise, culture and value set to this new position and is highly respected by our maintenance team. Given his skills and dedication to excellence, REACH is confident he is the right person to fulfill the role as Director of Maintenance.

Heather Rivas – Communications Manager

Heather-RivasEric Freed, Vice President of Program Operations, is pleased to announce the hiring of Heather Rivas as the new Communications Manager at REACH Headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA. Heather comes brings more than seventeen years of management experience with an emphasis on Customer service, process development, employee engagement and coaching. In her most recent role, Heather has spent seven years with the Starbucks Coffee Company where she developed and promoted five store managers. Heather is very excited to be part of REACH/Cal Ore team and is truly inspired by the company’s mission and commitment to quality. Heather believes in a high level of employee satisfaction through empowerment and ownership. During her free time, Heather enjoys spending time with her family, horseback riding, skiing, and dirt bike riding.

And in other news...

Sid Rockwood, Fixed-Wing Pilot, at REACH 50 has retired after 10 years of amazing service to our company. We wish him well on his new adventures in life. Check out the very cool cake baked by Flight Nurse JoLynne Lundy. Sid Rockwood, Fixed-Wing Pilot, at REACH 50 has retired after 10 years of amazing service to our company. We wish him well on his new adventures in life. Check out the very cool cake baked by Flight Nurse JoLynne Lundy.