The employee awards event is one that I look forward to each year. Not only does it give us a chance to catch up with friends and valued associates, but it also provides the opportunity to celebrate all of our accomplishments.

While the spotlight may shine especially bright on a few select individuals, I know that they are a part of a much larger group who embody the spirit, determination, and dedication of REACH every single day. That being said, being part of the team that has to narrow the nominations down to just one person per category is a real challenge. There are so many talented, hardworking, and caring people here that it seems impossible to make a decision.

Reading through all of the heartfelt award nominations that we receive makes that decision even more difficult. The amount of gratitude, kindness, and care that is expressed in your nominations is inspiring. You are overwhelmingly proud of one another. The fact that you all hold your colleagues in such high esteem that you take the time to write out such thoughtful messages of praise about them fills me with pride and reaffirms my belief that we really are a family.

As we turn the page on another year’s awards, I encourage you to take a moment to say all of the wonderful things you’ve written down in your nominations out loud to one another. Express your gratitude for your colleagues because they are part of your family. Relish in every single victory, no matter how big or how small – together. Celebrate all of your successes, step back, and take recognition of the seamless teamwork that you demonstrate day in and day out.

I’ve said it for years and it only continues to ring true, our associates make our culture and thanks to all of you, we have built a phenomenal foundation for us to rest on in our continued growth. Thank you for always loving and supporting one another and for believing in our mission. I am touched by your kind words of praise, humbled by your work and proud to be part of your team. Thank you for all that you do every single day.


Sean Russell