Robert Swarner

Lead Rotor-Wing Pilot
REACH 1 – Santa Rosa, CA

The winner of the 2016 Safety Award was none other than Robert Swarner. To learn a little bit more about Robert we decided to talk to Assistant Chief Pilot for the Northern Region, Matthew Higginbotham.

Why do you think Robert was so deserving of the safety award?

Robert is tasked with a lot and he takes it in stride. Robert always takes his responsibilities seriously and can be counted on to make sure things are done right. He’s respected by his peers and can be relied upon by everyone he works with.

What do you appreciate most about working with him?

Robert always puts forth his full effort to fulfill his duties and will find ways to improve the process along the way.

Using just one word, how would you describe Robert?


A few of Robert’s peers also had some nice things to say about him:

Robert is responsible for the consistent maintenance of our safety in the NorCal region. His attention to detail and personal investment in our safety culture is evident through his passion. He helps keep complacency at bay by continually educating and re-educating crews about common issues or misconceptions in the realm of safety. I am grateful for his continued commitment to keeping us safe and our standards high.
Robert is always making sure that everyone follows the rules and best practices that are put in place to keep us safe. He is incredibly passionate about safety and about the well-being of his colleagues.
Robert is probably one of the most safety-oriented employees. His knowledge about safety science is remarkable and admirable.

Pictured: Chief Pilot Mark Cicali with Lead Pilot Robert Swarner.