Katie Hosack

Clinical Supply Systems Coordinator
REACH Admin – Santa Rosa, CA

Clinical Supply Systems Coordinator Katie Hosack won the 2016 Efficiency Award. To learn a little bit more about Katie, we talked to Clinical Director Kathie Dunn.

Why do you think Katie was so deserving of the efficiency award?

Katie Hosack displays accountability in her performance day in and day out. No matter how big or small the project may be, she takes things on with enthusiasm and thorough diligence. Not only will she accomplish goals with sheer excellence, she will connect the dots and plan accordingly to mitigate the ripple effect often incurred with change management. She has great insight and foresight. She is a dedicated team player who can acclimate and accommodate a myriad of ever-changing demands and circumstances. She does it all with utmost reliability and efficiency.

What do you appreciate most about working with her?

I love that Katie’s enthusiasm is contagious. I know when she is on a project, the dots will be connected, and the ball won’t be dropped. Her ability to remain positive in even the most stressful situations is one of her greatest gifts.

Using just one word, how would you describe her?


A few of Katie’s peers also had some nice things to say about her:

Almost everyone at REACH has interactions with Katie. She is ALWAYS responsive to a need, respectful, resourceful and genuine in dealing with her (probably thousands of) requests. The funny thing is, if you ask what her job description is, “everything” is what comes to mind. Need narcotics ordered? Katie. Need a piece of equipment? Katie. Need start team guidance? Katie. Have a question about ordering a new flight suit? PR supplies? Checklists? Helmets? ...You got it...Katie. If it isn’t her department, she will guide you. Katie is the go-to-woman with an excellent attitude. Where did you find this gem?
Katie is always positive, responsive, and helpful. She takes care of all the bases with the same positive attitude. We know she is busy, but she never makes anyone feel like they are a bother.
I’ve been working with Katie for the past 4 months while we get our ordering restructured. Katie is very efficient and prompt in getting supplies ordered. She makes sure things get to our base on time, and always has our order in within the end of the business day, no matter what time I drop that bomb on her! She is a pleasure to work with!

Pictured: Clinical Supply Systems Coordinator Katie Hosack.