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2016 Dr. McDonald Patient Advocacy Award

2016 Dr. McDonald Patient Advocacy Award

Mark Neill

Flight Paramedic
REACH 21 – Alpine, CA

The winner of the 2016 Dr. McDonald Patient Advocacy Award was Flight Paramedic Mark Neill. To learn a little bit more about Mark, we talked to Program Manager Brandon Walls.

Why do you think Mark was so deserving of the Dr. McDonald Patient Advocacy award?

Mark is passionate about improving service and patient outcomes. His passion is evident by his participation in various REACH and county committees, advocating for evidence-based changes that improve patient outcomes as well as the customer experience. His endeavors have not only improved the way that REACH provides patient care but have improved the San Diego EMS system as a whole.

What do you appreciate most about working with him?

I appreciate Mark’s consistent excellence in patient care, daily duties, and attention to detail in regards to safety. He motivates others to improve themselves as well as the way REACH serves our community.

Using just one word, how would you describe Mark?


A few of Mark’s peers and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gary McCalla also had some nice things to say about him:

Mark goes out of his way to interact will all agencies/hospitals in the county. He attends meetings and he is now spearheading a CCEMT-P class with a local college.
Mark has a keen eye for continuous improvement.
Mark does great things, but he flies under the radar. He doesn’t desire or demand recognition. He is always thinking of and bringing forward new ideas and new ways to improve how we care for our patients. He is a team player with an enthusiastic attitude and a keen focus on safety –Dr. Gary McCalla

Pictured: REACH Medical Director Dr. Atilla Uner, Flight Paramedic Mark Neill, Director of Clinical Services Kathie Dunn.