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2016 Customer Service Award

2016 Customer Service Award

Diana Priego

Flight Nurse
REACH 3 – Concord, CA

The winner of the 2016 Customer Service Award was the infamous Flight Nurse Diana Priego. To learn a little bit more about Diana, we decided to ask her Program Manager, Kimberly Adams.

Why do you think Diana was so deserving of the customer service award?

Diana wholeheartedly strives to be the best neonatal nurse in the company. She is passionate about this highly specialized population. Years of transport experience combined with hard work put into honing neonatal clinical skills has resulted in a flight nurse who will find a way to deliver her patient safely to a place they deserve to be. She also generously gives her time to educating her peers and the community.

What do you appreciate most about working with her?

I appreciate that Diana is in a constant state of readiness. She is always prepared to respond and deliver high-quality clinical care.

Using just one word, how would you describe Diana?


A few of Diana’s peers also had some nice things to say about her:

Diana Priego provides the highest quality patient care and is so committed to REACH and our ability to transport neonatal patients. More often than not, she will come in unscheduled to transport a baby that otherwise could not be transported.
Diana Priego encapsulates the true spirit of REACH. Not only does she have pride in her job but also she has a willingness to help others that is simply infectious. She juggles a lot in her personal and professional lives and I have a profound respect for her optimism and determination.
Diana has proven to be an outstanding clinician. She comes in on her days off to take neonatal calls and will help on long-distance fixed-wing transports. Diana also teaches frequently, both STABLE, NRP, and other classes for our employees and external customers. She will also go out of her way to help other bases out when they need it. Diana truly puts her patients first; her work ethic and dedication are outstanding!

Pictured: Flight Nurse Diana Priego