John Mitchell

Lead Rotor-Wing Pilot
REACH 5 – Redding, CA

The winner of the 2016 Aviator Award was Pilot John Mitchell. To learn a little bit more about John, we talked to Assistant Chief Pilot for the Northern Region, Matthew Higginbotham.

Why do you think John was so deserving of the aviator award?

John has flown thousands of hours serving our customers in a safe and efficient manner for years. Throughout his time with REACH, he has shown a great amount of dedication, skill, and expertise in his field.

What do you appreciate most about working with John?

John has been a great example for me and several other pilots over the years. He has been a key player in the success of the Redding base. He has a consistently positive attitude and a great sense of humor.

Using just one word, how would you describe John?


A few of John’s peers also had some nice things to say about him:

John always demonstrates a high-level of skill, an unwavering focus on safety and a strong commitment to teamwork. He always thinks of safety first and is always willing to educate his teammates. To top it all off, he is a pleasure to work with
John is an amazing leader, pilot, and crew member. He always puts others before himself.

Pictured: Vice President of Aviation Operations Vicky Spediacci with Lead Pilot John Mitchell.