George Nava, Membership Sales Manager

AirMedCare Network – Region 7

Your business card says Membership Sales Manager, but if you could make up your own title, what would it be?

I would tend to take the sales part out of it.

How long have you been with AirMedCare Network, our Membership division?

I’m relatively new to AMGH. I started working for AMGH about six months ago, so now I get to work with REACH. I handle membership in Region 7, which covers Los Angeles County and San Diego County, where our Oceanside base is located.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be in business for myself. I’ve just always been driven to perform…and I really enjoy sales. I use to sell rocks to my family members!

Can you summarize the journey that brought you to this position?

I grew up in Brawley, California, which is in a neighboring county to San Diego. I went to the local community college and then transferred to San Jose State to get my BS in Business Administration. I also earned an MBA at National University in San Diego.

I’ve held various management roles in my career, and I’ve been a real estate broker for 10 years. I never thought I’d get into politics, but now I’m the mayor of Brawley. I ran because I wanted to help make a positive change in the community I grew up in.

Being an elected official, I had lots of interactions with REACH. Their involvement within the community has been very strong. In 2012 they flew me and Giants pitcher Sergio Romo (who, by the way, is from Brawley) so I could present him with the key to the city. REACH’s involvement in the community definitely attracted me to the company. Don Wharton was a friend of mine and told me about the job opportunity. I felt like it would really be something I could enjoy and also a job where I could use some of my strengths, like public speaking, to build the membership base.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Getting out in front of people and making them aware of our membership program. Here’s a story to that point. Recently, I went out to do some advertising in a local newspaper, and I started talking to a woman I ran into about the membership program. She stopped me and said, “My husband has been flown five times!” But they didn’t know about membership until she and I spoke that day.

The San Diego base is new. It’s only been open for about a year. We’re establishing really strong relationships with the medical community. Because of my elected position I meet a ton of people, so I have a solid network. My existing relationships connect me to new ones. With membership, you just have to keep on going. It takes time to bring awareness, but I think we’re going to have an exciting 2015.

What do you love more than anything else about your current position?

What I love most is being in front of people and educating them about a program that can be tremendously beneficial. Not only does it save lives, it’s also financially beneficial. And I haven’t met anybody yet that doesn’t think this is a great program.

What most inspires you about REACH as a company?

The leadership and the focus and the company mission of REACH are very, very relevant. When you do the right thing, your business succeeds. Also, working with people of this caliber inspires you to be the best you can at your job. You don’t want to disappoint.

Are you willing to share a piece of personal information that people might find surprising?

People are often surprised when they find out I’m an elected official. Not everybody knows, and I think they’re surprised to learn there’s a politician in the ranks. As I said earlier, it’s a huge honor to do this job, and I love being able to bring my strengths and resources to the company.

Who makes up your family or household?

My wife, Adriana and our son, Georgie, who is 13.

This is your free speech opportunity if you have anything else you’d like to share.

Just that we’re very fortunate to work for such a great company with a group of people that inspires us each to be and do our best.