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Human Resources & Staff Updates

Human Resources & Staff Updates

Caroline Dickman, HR Assistant*

Administration – Santa Rosa, CA

*Since the interview below, Caroline has been promoted to HRIS Analyst. (See Staff Updates below.)

 Your business card says HR Assistant, but if you could make up your own title, what would it be?

Employee Support Specialist.

How long have you been with REACH?

I’ve been here for about six months.

In past jobs, I’ve seen HR staff treated ambivalently and suspiciously, almost as if they were double agents. Comments?

At one time I was in an HR department where people’s view of us was like, “If they come for you, run!” But you also have to remember that the concept of having an HR department is a fairly new one.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher.

Can you summarize the journey that eventually brought you to REACH?

I grew up outside Reno and went to the University of Nevada. I was always asking, what am I going to be passionate about? And my dad was always in my ear about the financial side. It was a struggle to find something that satisfied both. I started out in education but everyone said, “Don’t be a teacher. You won’t make enough money!” I must have changed my major seven or eight times–Criminal Justice, Social Work—and at one point I thought about going into HR, but it wasn’t offered until I was a senior. By my junior year my parents were about ready to cut me off, so I needed to declare. I chose Business Management.

As far as jobs, I interned at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and I also worked as a bank teller for a while. Ultimately I went back to Enterprise to go through their management training program and ended up at Penske Truck Rental. I definitely thought my career was going to be in the rental industry.

When I met my future husband, I moved to Sacramento. So I was engaged and living in Sacramento, but I ended up wanting to move back to Santa Rosa. I decided I wanted to go into HR because what I had enjoyed most as a manager for Penske Truck Rental was the HR aspect, the people aspect. When I found REACH, I loved their mission and I felt like I could do some good.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

I think probably the learning curve. There’s a lot to learn. There’s the clinical side and the aviation side, and it’s all highly regulated. I just want to be able to jump in and help, but I’m still learning.

What do you love more than anything else about your current position?

I love that I get to support the employees. I love feeling like I’m making an impact, even when it’s something that may seem very small, like getting a required document into someone’s file. I just want to help them succeed.

What most inspires you about REACH as a company?

The patient stories. I find them extremely inspiring. Reading the stories makes it all real and puts faces on what we hear about.

Are you willing to share a piece of personal information that people might find surprising?

I grew up on a dairy farm, but I hate milk.

Who makes up your family or household?

I got married last November. My husband’s name is Greg. We have a Dachshund and a German Shepherd, Jax and Ramsey.

Staff Updates

Eric Polan, Program Manager
REACH 17 – Rancho Cordova, CA & REACH 50 – Sacramento, CA

Staff_Eric_PolanChris Giller, Regional Director of Service Delivery, is pleased to announce Eric Polan as our new Program Manager for the fixed-wing and rotor-wing operations in Sacramento.

Eric comes to REACH with 20+ years in the EMS field working in Southern California and most recently as General Manger for a large EMS provider in Sonoma and Marin Counties. Eric brings a well-rounded skill set which will serve him well in this position. He has a strong desire and dedication to bring the highest level of care and work ethic to his customers and co-workers. We believe his servant leadership demeanor will assist him in being successful at REACH. He is also an accomplished educator.

Jeff Cress, Program Manager
REACH 1 – Santa Rosa, CA; REACH 6 – Lakeport, CA;
REACH 18 – Willits, CA

Staff_Jeff_CressJeff Cress has been promoted to Program Manager for three NorCal bases – R1, R6, and R18. Jeff comes to his position with a long history in EMS as well as within REACH. In his 20+ years in EMS, Jeff has held numerous positions including Wilderness Search & Rescue, Fire Service, SWAT Paramedic, as well as Paramedic and Operations Manager in ground EMS. Jeff first came to REACH as a Flight Paramedic for REACH 8 in 2006. Most recently, he served as the Regional Clinical Manager in Texas.

Jeff brings a skill set that will serve him well in his new position. He has the desire, drive and work ethic to make him a successful leader to the base staff as well as being the face of REACH to our customers and partners.

Meredith Harper, Texas Clinical Manager
Methodist AirCare 1 – San Antonio, TX

Staff_Meredith_HarperKathie Dunn, Director of Clinical Services, is very pleased to announce Meredith Harper, RN MSN NP, has assumed the position of Texas Clinical Manager.

Meredith brings a wealth of experience to this clinical position, in addition to being a strong advocate for continued education and skill development. We are confident Meredith’s contribution to clinical care excellence and integrity will be of immense value. As Kathie notes, “Meredith’s natural tendency towards servant leadership will support the heroes of our company who bring our mission to life in very real terms every day.”

Brian Asai, HRIS Enterprise Administrator
Administration – Santa Rosa, CA

Staff_Brian_AsaiMichelle Glancy, Human Resources Director, is pleased to announce the promotion of Brian Asai to HRIS Enterprise Administrator for AMGH. Brian excels at this job and is committed to serving our employees. His dedication, commitment to service, and expertise in systems management will serve him well in this new position where he will not only support REACH and Cal-Ore, but also the greater AMGH organization.

Brian supports AMGH companies’ Workday administration including security, system configuration, standardization, integrations and migrations from other HR systems. Bravo, Brian!

Kendall (Garcia) Lohrmann, Clinical Supply Systems Coordinator
Administration – Santa Rosa, CA

Staff_Kendall_LohrmannKathie Dunn, Director of Clinical Services is happy to announce Kendall Lohrmann has taken on the position of Clinical Supply Systems Coordinator. In this role, she is responsible for the Clinical Department’s equipment purchasing, oversight of controlled substance and narcotics ordering and delivery, and managing vendor relationships to ensure the best products are delivered to us in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Kendall is already bringing her stellar talents and personality to this position and we know she will do an outstanding job.

Katie Hosack, Administrative Assistant
Administration – Santa Rosa, CA

Staff_Katie_HosackMichelle Glancy, Human Resources Director, is pleased to announce Katie Hosack has joined REACH as Administrative Assistant.

In this role Katie will support the marketing, clinical and aviation departments as well as coordinating general administrative support and managing the reception position.

Along with her friendly personality and can-do attitude, Katie has a solid background in customer service, managed care coordination, and event management. And if that were not enough, she is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Public Administration. She’s a wonderful addition to our team and we are thrilled to have her on board.

Caroline Dickman – HRIS Analyst
Administration – Santa Rosa, CA

Staff_Caroline_DickmanMichelle Glancy is pleased to announce the promotion of Caroline Dickman to the HRIS Analyst role at REACH. She has proven to be a great contributor to the organization, awesome team member and we are very excited to leverage her skills in a more expanded role. During her time with REACH, she has played an integral part in the recruiting and onboarding processes for new employees.

As an HRIS Analyst, she will develop tools to help analyze information and maintain systems – from LMS and ATS to Workday. Caroline will report to Brian Asai.

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