What better recognition can there be than the heartfelt thanks received from patients and their loved ones transported by us in their time of need? Here, in their own words, are just a few notes of appreciation…


I am very thankful for the REACH team of Brawley, CA. Within minutes of arriving to the ER I was on my way to UCSD. Thanks to the fast action of all, from the first responders to ambulance and emergency staff, and your fine REACH team, I’m alive today! Since I can’t personally thank the men that life flighted me, would you please shake their hands & hug them for me? I appreciate them and they need to know that. Thank you!

REACH 9 team – Imperial, CA
Pilot Scott Kerchner, Flight Nurse Brent Lopez, Flight Paramedic Daniel Lopez

A company is only as good as its people. Your people were and are outstanding. Not only did they take care of my mother, but they made sure that I was OK as well. They even called me when my mother was at the hospital and comfortable. The flight crew was the best. Thank you.

Cal-Ore Life Flight Team – Eureka, CA
Pilot Jim Merryfield, Flight Nurse CJ Janisse, Flight Paramedic Marcus Tessler

There is a line from an oldie but goodie song that says “you’re simply the best, better than all the rest.” That pretty much sums up the REACH family. The teams are so professional and compassionate. The lead nurse assured me she would keep in touch with me while I made the drive to meet my son at the hospital, and she did! Her last call was letting me know that he was safely tucked in at Mercy General. A thank you seems so inadequate!

REACH 6 team – Lakeport, CA
Pilot Neil Bleiweis, Flight Nurse Jaime Wright, Flight Paramedic Daniel Workman

I am so thankful that the decision was made to send me to the trauma center at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. Cal-Ore delivered me safely and rapidly. All of the teamwork has added up to me making a remarkable recovery. I am so thankful!

Cal-Ore Life Flight team – Eureka, CA
Pilot James Merryfield, Flight Nurse Carolyn Boley, Flight Paramedic Daniel Johnson

If it wasn’t for your services I would not have made it to San Antonio Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital. Thanks to you, Methodist Air Care, I was able to make it on time. God works in mysterious ways. You all are angels who came to save me. Thank you and God bless you and all your crew. You saved my life. Thank you all.

Methodist AirCare 1 team – San Antonio, TX
Pilot Jim Hunter, Flight Nurse Bronson Smith, Flight Paramedic Zach Harmon

We are so grateful for the prompt arrival and transport, professionalism, and exceptional level of care that my father received on his flight. He had a very time-sensitive and ominous medical condition that needed immediate surgery. Originally, it was planned that he would be transported by ambulance. However, after only a few minutes of phone calls, we were delighted to hear that your team was on their way. In no time, they were in the ER introducing themselves and preparing my father for transport. I don’t believe he would be alive today if it weren’t for your service pulling through for us. The entire crew worked quickly, were respectful to my father and I, and went out of their way to be sure that our needs were met. I was so relieved and appreciative that I was able to ride on the helicopter with my father in transport and was glad that they made it happen for us. We feel blessed to say that he is alive and well today, and we couldn’t thank you and your crew enough! God bless you.

REACH 13 / Upland Crew – Upland, CA
Pilot Chris O’Neil, Flight Nurse Melanie Munns, Flight Paramedic Chris Askew

The REACH team was very caring & professional. They called to let me know my husband was put in an ambulance in route to the hospital. Thanks for the personal touch!

REACH 6 Crew – Lakeport, CA
Pilot Robert Swarner, Flight Nurse Cindy Scruggs, Flight Paramedic Laryn Hoytt

This is to let you know that we are much pleased with care and professionalism that was used to care for my husband to get him ready for the flight and during the flight to San Antonio. We could not be happier. Thank you so much for the service you provide at a time when a family is traumatized and scared and unsure. We appreciate all of you so much.

Methodist AirCare 1 Crew – San Antonio, TX
Pilots Bill Soeth and Karl Wellfare, Flight Nurses Meredith Harper and Lisa Covington

A personal note from your humble marketing department

You know that Johnny Cash song “I’ve Been Everywhere”? Well, let me tell you…in the last 16 months, I’ve been to REACH 2 in Stockton and REACH 3 in Concord, I toured REACH 5 in Redding and REACH 7 in Marysville, I went north to REACH 8 in Corvallis, across town to REACH 1 in Santa Rosa and way down South to REACH 9 in Imperial. I double dipped at REACH 11 and 53 in Thermal (on a 115-degree day,  no less), watched the sun set from REACH 13 in Upland, spent a hot afternoon at REACH 16 in Oceanside and an evening at REACH 6 in Lakeport, and I took advantage of a chance to see REACH 50 in Sacramento. During one brief trip, I got to spend the morning at Cal-Ore in Crescent City and the afternoon at Cal-Ore in Brookings—plus enjoying a stopover in Eureka. I even had the opportunity to visit our newest base, REACH 19 in North Bend. All I can say is, what an honor.

And Texas, be warned—I am coming for you next!

I’ll be honest, when I came to work at REACH, I assumed that all people who worked in the EMS field were good people. Although that may be true, what I have found over and over again on this journey is that our people really do go above and beyond—not only for our patients, which is expected, but also for our patients’ families and loved ones, our hospital and EMS partners, and for each other. In this organization, every single person I’ve had contact with truly cares about what they do every day, and that shows across the board in the quality of care we provide.

Our patients say it best:

“Everyone on the flight crew was amazing. During a very difficult, stressful and worrisome time, the three crew members aboard the flight did everything they could to ensure a safe, comfortable, pleasant trip. The professionalism, kindness, sensitivity and compassion they showed is something that should be recognized and praised.”

“Everyone who had a part in transporting my son was awesome. They informed me of everything that was going to take place before, on and after the flight. I received a phone call when they arrived to let me know they were there and everything was ok. Thank You, Flight Team!”

“I never imagined my family would be in the position of needing emergency air transport, but when we found ourselves there, your team made sure to make us comfortable—both physically and emotionally. As a mother, my heart broke to see my son in pain. The nurses made sure to talk to me and addressed all my concerns and explained every step of the process. They were the absolute definition of caring professionals. Thank you.”

Our hospital and EMS partners offer high praise as well:

“It’s great to receive patients from knowledgeable, professional and personable staff. You employ great people, and we are lucky to have them in the air when we need them.”

“Your crews are always very knowledgeable—and just plain nice!”

“The transport team that picked up our patient was very skilled. They took time with the family to make sure they knew everything they needed to know and to reassure them. They also made us feel very good about all we had done as the transferring hospital.”

“You have amazing crews. Their knowledge base and professionalism are second to none. Thank you for having such incredible people working for your company.”

What underscores it all is the heartfelt respect and appreciation you have for one another:

After six years with REACH, I still feel overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge my crew members bring to the table. I constantly feel like I need to work a little harder to be a little smarter because the clinicians I work with are definitely the best in the industry, definitely at the top of their game. Our pilots are superior pilots with tons of experience and thousands of flight hours. I feel lucky to be part of this team.

–Mia Norton, REACH Flight Paramedic – Thermal, CA

“The caliber of people I work with is top notch. They’re professional, well educated, and very, very good clinicians. I’ve never worked with a more professional and dedicated group of people, and each one is a caring member of the community they serve.”

–Sergio Cardenas, REACH Flight Nurse – Imperial, CA

“The pilots that work at REACH are top shelf. So are their ethics, their honesty and their responsiveness in all situations, no matter how challenging. The teammates I work with here, they are all above the standard you might expect to find in the industry. That’s just how I feel about them; they’re just a great group of people. They are hardworking, creative and genuinely interested in patient care.”

–John Roberg, REACH Pilot – Thermal, CA

“I would describe the crews that I work with as professional in every way. We enjoy working together. We love our jobs. We expect the best of each other. When we’re on a call, everyone knows what their job is—we’ve been trained. We hold each other accountable. It’s a nice feeling knowing your partner wants to do the best they can in that moment. When you’re working with people who are confident and skilled in what they do, it allows you to focus on the patient.”

–Kenny Nealy, REACH Flight Nurse – Corvallis, OR

“I’ve worked lots of places, and I would describe the people that I work with at REACH as the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with. They’re dedicated, they’re driven, they’re humorous, they’re flexible, they’re loving…they’re family.”

–Julie Barlow, REACH Flight Nurse – Stockton, CA

“If I had to describe the people I work with at REACH, professionalism would be at the top of the list. Caring would probably be second because no one would really do a job at REACH without caring about other people, because that’s what we do, we care for people. And camaraderie, because we’re all a big family, and it’s nice to work in such a big family-type environment.”

–Chris Goodrum, REACH Aircraft Maintenance Technician – Thermal, CA

And what makes me—and all of us—most proud is the superb medical care you give to our patients, along with the exemplary way you treat them:

“The coolest thing about my job is helping people. It’s nice to be kind of a rock star pilot, but really it boils down to getting to a hospital and delivering a patient who really needs to be there. Then later you see them at an event, and they come up to you and thank you. That is really what makes it all worthwhile.”

–Bryan Bowen, REACH Pilot – Corvallis, OR

“The coolest thing for me is taking care of that patient and checking up on them later and seeing the difference that we’ve made, especially with neonates.”

–Lynette Hemphill, REACH Flight Nurse – Concord, CA

“At any point in a 24-hour period, you might come in contact with someone who is having the worst moment of their life, and you get to be there and help them out during that period and make a difference. It’s a great feeling.”

–Kenny Nealy, REACH Flight Nurse – Corvallis, OR

“The best part about my job is being able to help people in their biggest time of need.”

–Mark Neill, REACH Flight Paramedic – Oceanside, CA

“The most rewarding part of my job is when we go to pick up a patient that is very ill and we’re able to make them better throughout our transport process.”

–Diana Priego, REACH Flight Nurse – Concord, CA

“Together, everybody forms this team that goes out there to save lives. It’s a good feeling knowing that I am part of that. I am part of something that makes a difference every day.”

–Enrique Solar, REACH Aircraft Maintenance Technician – Corvallis, OR

“The rewarding thing about working at REACH is the immediate feedback I get from helping a person or a family, and you see that. It’s up close and personal; it touches people’s lives.”

–Pete Ortiz, REACH Pilot – Redding, CA

I received a nice note from REACH 17 Flight Nurse Jo Lynne Lundy. In it she wrote, “The reason I chose to fly with REACH is the mission statement. REACH gives us everything we need to do what is right for the patient, and it is a privilege to be part of this team.”

I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know of many jobs out there where people can honestly say that what they do day in and day out truly touches people’s lives, that it really does make a difference. To be on a team that helps make this world a better place is an honor.

I am so proud to serve each of you. Thank you for all you do.

Annette Arnold

And some recognition

Bill Seubert recognized for 15 years of service to REACH.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Bill Seubert (fourth from left) receives a plaque to honor his 15 years of service with REACH Air Medical Services. Thanks for all you do, Bill!

We Care Awards

The leadership team has the privilege, and often daunting task, of selecting just a few employees to receive the We Care award. This is presented to team members who have gone above and beyond their normal stellar work…

Here are recipients of the We Care award for the last few months:

Jim Walker – maintaining a great attitude while running multiple projects simultaneously

Tom Pierce – positive and helpful attitude despite additional work load

Kyla Betts – excellent neonatal patient care

Rick Feldman – excellent neonatal patient care

Ariana Bricker – extensive, exhaustive and amazing work on the budget

Elaine Brown – extensive, exhaustive and amazing work on the budget

Cindy Scruggs – excellent leadership and extensive work on R18 opening

Dave Frampton – dedication to helping us keep R11 staffed and in-service

DJ Strong – help and support with our new base openings, specifically staffing R19

Jeff Hubbell – informal leadership and cultural stewardship for R19

Glenn Macintyre – contribution and commitment to major RFP for customer

Dan Anthony – strong accountability in new manager position – owning it, seeing it, solving it

Kathie Dunn – holding down two jobs in the middle of image trend implementation

George Jacobs – amazing work as our new base power machine

Donnie Wharton – new base opening and program development for R19

Great work, team!