Angelica Sage

Membership Sales Manager

This is not an 8 to 5 job, it’s 24/7, 365 days a year. If you’re going to be in this industry, you have to make yourself available to your customers.

Angelica’s background

“By owning my own companies,” Angelica says, “over the years I found my strengths to be in sales, marketing, PR, which is supported by my natural ability to develop relationships. I fine-tuned this about 15 years ago.” As it turns out, Angelica likely started honing her skills as a child. “My father was on the Aeronautical Board of California, the Transportation Board and the Medical Board. He started off in the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce and ended up becoming the mayor. Have I come full circle or what? This apple didn’t fall far from the tree.”

Angelica & REACH

Angelica is a REACH for Life Membership Sales Manager and assists in Business Development for REACH in Southern California. “My region includes San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and half of Riverside,” she says. This geographical area is very green to REACH and quite challenging. It’s non-rural, so it’s easy for people to think, ‘We don’t need an air ambulance service here. Look at all the hospitals we have! When in reality, with all our traffic, it really increases our need. Hence my hours in educating the communities.” I’m out there meeting and educating people at chambers, rotaries, businesses, schools, fire departments and hospitals”

As to how things are progressing, Angelica reports, “I have been pleasantly surprised by how welcomed we have been. The community has really embraced us. To go out and witness that has been an honor.”

“Even though it’s challenging, I love a challenge. We’re going in to uncharted territory, leading by example, carving a pathway.

To Angelica, who is “the customer”?

“There is no ‘one customer’. The customer is the EMS community, hospitals, but also your neighbor, your best friend, the mail carrier, the little boy down the street. It’s everyone.”

How does she connect with the customer?

“You have to develop relationships—and maintain relationships,” Angelica says. Her approach is straightforward. “I walk up to someone, look in their eyes, shake their hand and say, ‘How do you do?’ I engage conversations with genuine interest, getting to understand my customer and how REACH can serve them.”

To illustrate…

“I have done a lot of work in Catalina and met a lot of people in the process, before coming to REACH. Later on, I flew over with REACH for a meet and greet in-service, and everyone from the EMS and hospital community came out to greet us. These were relationships I had nurtured previously. When the Chief of Avalon saw me, he came over to me, put his arms around me and said, ‘Welcome back!’”

When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. Being a member of the REACH family, it makes it easy to put in the hours without feeling like its work.