Dr. McDonald once said, “Those who endeavor to serve can do no nobler effort than to serve their neighbor, for there is no greater profession than the profession of giving, no greater gift than the gift of caring,” — and he was right.

Long before he founded REACH Air Medical Services, Dr. McDonald was a man who  identified the needs of his community and spent his life doing all that he could to serve them. He was responsible for opening the first emergency department in Sonoma County, California. He served as the region’s EMS medical director, created a successful ED physicians group, created the area’s first paramedic program, brought hundreds of jobs to Santa Rosa, and positively shaped the careers of many medical professionals.

We are all fortunate that caring for others and our community is the foundation on which Dr. McDonald built our organization and that it is still the core of what we do today.

It is no surprise when I say that the past year at REACH has been a period of growth for us all. With the opening of each new base comes the reminder that we are not just welcoming new associates to our family — we are welcoming the communities they serve, too.

As we start the process of integrating our company into these new towns and cities, I have a request for those of you helping us pave the way. Continue demonstrating through your actions at work, at home and at play that you bring an unparalleled level of excellence to this industry, our company, our customers, and our communities.

I know you can do this because you all do it each day without need for recognition or praise. You do it because it’s who you are and it’s who REACH is as a company. Whether it’s checking on a patient after a transport, fundraising for a region hit by natural disaster, volunteering as a team at a community benefit, or simply gathering your work family around the breakfast table to reconnect as friends, you  go above & beyond again and again.

So let’s continue to always put our best foot forward so we can show these communities that we are the paramedics, pilots, nurses, aircraft maintenance technicians and communication specialists they can always count on. Let us reaffirm that Dr. McDonald’s legacy to always do what is right for the patient still guides us as a company and as professionals today and every day.