George Nava talks about Membership Sales Manager, Suzy Wharton.

What do you appreciate most about working with Suzy?

I really appreciate that Suzy is conscientious and a great team player. She’s worked in a customer service capacity at previous places of employment, and she brings that skill set not only to the Area 2 team in Southern California, but also to the members and business leaders that she interacts with in the community. REACH is a household name in the Imperial Valley, and our membership program is well known and respected. I believe this is due, in part, to the effort Suzy makes in informing residents of the benefits of having this critical resource in their community. Our membership program has grown significantly over the past few years, and Suzy has been a big part of that growth.

How do you think Suzy gives back to her colleagues and her community?

Suzy gives back to her colleagues by working hard to help us all succeed. Through her work, she is also able to give back to her community. Suzy shows people that emergencies can and do happen and that there is a serious benefit to having access to our membership and to REACH’s life-saving care.

We sit down with Suzy.


How long have you been working for AMCN?

I have been working for AirMedCare Network since May of 2014.

How would you summarize your current job?

I am the Membership Sales Manager for Imperial County, California. I am responsible for REACH for Life and AirMedCare Network membership sales in the REACH 9 service area.

What do you appreciate most about what you do?

Living in a small, rural community, I get to witness firsthand how air ambulance service benefits our residents. Many times, I know the patients being transported. Being able to work with people and make sure they don’t receive a large transport bill is rewarding.

What are some ways that you give back to your community?

Beyond making the membership available to the community, I work closely with my husband [REACH Business Development Director Don Wharton] helping with local foundation, organization, and charity events.

We were very involved in youth sports when our kids were younger and we are still particularly interested in anything we can do to help those programs. I am definitely not as active now as I was when our kids were at home. At that time, I served on the Pop Warner Football board as the Academic Coordinator. It really was important to me because we raised our children with a focus on academics and athletics.

What would you say motivates you most to give back?

I was born and raised in Imperial County. It is a small, tight-knit farm community. It is the kind of place where when someone is in need, the community pitches in and helps out. Giving back is just second nature.

In your opinion, what can others learn from giving back?

Doing for others is a reward in itself. It sets a great example for others and it can really make you feel the best about yourself.

What would you say has been the most rewarding experience of your career with AMCN?

It is always rewarding when a REACH for Life member shares a transport story with me. Other than the benefits of the membership, I am always proud to hear how the flight crews treated them with care and compassion. Recently I had a few local members that were flown by other REACH bases while vacationing in another part of Southern California. It meant a lot to me that their membership came through for them and that their flight was covered even though they were outside of Imperial Valley.

Who is in your family?

My husband Don, my son Donald who is 22, and my son Hunter who is 21.

What is your favorite breakfast food?

Eggs Benedict! My favorite is the California Benedict at this restaurant we go to at the beach in San Diego. I love it with avocado.

Would you rather be able to speak every language in the world fluently or be the best in the world at something of your choosing?

I would rather be the best in the world at something of my choosing, like being the best mother and role model to my children. They are the most important thing in the world to me.