REACH holds a contest for our employees to submit their best photos and videos. Winners are chosen by professional photographers, videographers, and copywriters who work with us.

We are happy to share with you the winners, runners up and honorable mentions for the second REACH Photo & Video Contest.

Best Team Photo

  • Winner: Paula Russell, Flight Nurse
    – REACH 3, Concord, CA
  • Second Place: Nicole Richards, Flight Nurse
    – REACH 11, Thermal, CA
  • Third Place: Eve Hayes, Flight Paramedic
    – REACH 52 , Thermal, CA
  • Runner-Up: John Farley, Flight Paramedic
    – REACH 29, Buena Vista , CO

Best Day in the Life Photo

  • First Place: Jason Vandermeer, Flight Paramedic
    – REACH 17, Sacramento, CA
  • Second Place: Keith Neff, Flight Paramedic
    – REACH 53, North Bend, OR
  • Third Place: Paula Russell, Flight Nurse
    – REACH 3, Concord, CA
  • Runner-Up: Grey Gardner, Associate Clinical Director
    – REACH Corporate, Santa Rosa, CA

Best Aircraft or Ambulance Photo

  • First Place: Nicole Richards, Flight Nurse
    – REACH 11, Thermal, CA
  • Second Place: Chris Phillips, Rotor Wing Pilot
    – REACH 9, El Centro, CA
  • Third Place: John McArthur, Rotor Wing Pilot
    – REACH 2, Stockton, CA
  • Runner-Up: Jason Vandermeer, Flight Paramedic
    – REACH 17, Sacramento, CA

It was tough to choose because there were so many great entries. Thanks to all who participated.

If you are interested in participating in our next photo contest, the submission deadline is August 15. Please send your photos to