REACH Newsletter Oct 2015

Our focus for this issue is appreciation and acknowledgement, and here’s a little peek at what’s inside:

  • President Sean Russell discusses the importance of acknowledgement and appreciation in the workplace;
  • We learn a little bit more about Assistant Program Manager, Susan Schindler and REACH 19/ REACH 53;
  • Pilot, Bob Stolting, gives us a peek inside his job and explains the importance of possessing moral courage;
  • We get up close and personal with REACH 11/52 Program Manager, Jeff Diehl;
  • Line Pilot, Chris O’Neil shares a few jokes and tells us a bit about his military and counter-narcotics careers;
  • Anna Blair, Vice President of Business Relations and Development, gives us an insider’s perspective on the Summit/ CareConnect acquisition;
  • Human Resources Director, Michelle Glancy, reveals who she thinks are the true “wizards behind the curtain,” in administration;
  • We share a whole lot of exciting updates about new staff members, promotions, award recipients, and communication changes;
  • “Ground Pilot,” Glen Wahrmund, shares a bit of his personal history and philosophies on life;
  • Membership Sales Manager, Tony Urioste, makes some unofficial tweaks to his title and tells us about how he ended up managing territories in California;
  • We share some important upcoming events and conferences;
  • We get a look inside some of our recent patient success stories.