A message from our president.

Since becoming President of REACH, I find myself very humbled by our staff. Our company offers a very unifying mission, and I admire the work each employee does every day to live that mission. When I joined the company at 23, I found myself working on the line as a Paramedic with Dr. McDonald. I knew right away that what I wanted to do was serve the people who live the REACH mission.

I watch our people in action. I hear about their performance from doctors and nurses and patients. It amazes me. I was a paramedic outside of REACH for a number of years, and also a fireman and a respiratory therapist. I still think of myself as a paramedic, and something worth noting is that the majority of our senior leadership team comes from the flight line. The average years of service among senior leadership is close to 20. I find that profound.

Something very important to me is servant leadership. Servant leadership entails consciously choosing to lead as a way to serve the development of others. I believe this is absolutely necessary in order to really connect with the staff, and to find the most direct path to solutions for both staff members and outside customers. Servant leadership comes down to practicing some very important and fundamental things: receptive listening; authentic empathy; awareness of self, others and situations; persuasion (vs. authority); the ability to conceptualize; foresight; stewardship; a commitment to staff members’ overall growth; a belief in staff members’ intrinsic value (beyond their contribution as employees); and a commitment to building community.

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I strive to serve each member of the REACH Air Medical Services team.